Constituent Cleaning is family owned and operated. Established in 2012. We are a small business with a big heart. We are green certified and bonded. Serving the New York area.  Constituent Cleaning guarantees professional and quality services. Free of harmful and conventional cleaners.  We have a combined service of cleaning, sanitizing, organizing, floor care and managing a cleaner and healthier environment. It is our privilege to help our customers make conscious choices. Through green  cleaning training,  and experience, our team does wonders. Our vision of green cleaning goes well beyond the surface. We  are focused on giving our customers a higher quality of cleaning. We are passionate about our work, and earnest about how we do it. Our cleaning associates are trained and experienced professionals. Dedicated to providing outstanding services. Using the finest Eco-friendly products and most useful techniques. Delivering freshness, wellness, and cleanliness. We're proud to offer our customers more than just a green cleaning service.  Our very own Professional Organizer is honored to serve our customers. With space, ideas, rearrangements, and more. We're not done! Let us highly recommend our Interior decorator. With years of experience designing, remodeling, or just sprucing up the place. Bringing out a vision of pure classy, affordability or luxury styles. Where would we be without floors?  For us, we're always on top of them. Its our business and our priority.  Let our Licensed Floor Care Technician clean, restore, or renew your floors. We are growing and expanding our brand. Giving our customers the most out of cleaning services.  Our goal is customer satisfaction.

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Constituent Cleaning provides high quality multi home care services.  Our professionals include:


Green Cleaning Specialists

Floor Care Technician

Interior Decorator

Professional Organizer


All dedicated to providing outstanding services. We stand by our brand and guarantee our services.